The Reports Window can be used to find out more information about how you spend your time. Currently, six reports are supported:

1) Task Completion By Time - Shows how long it takes you to complete your tasks. (For example 60% of your tasks are completed in one day.)

2) Outstanding Tasks by Age - Shows how old your outstanding tasks are. (For example 5% are older then 3 months, but not as old a 6 months.)

3) Program Usage (Primary) - Shows which programs you have been using. (For example you may use Internet Explorer 32% of the time.)

4) Program Usage (Other) - Shows a breakdown of the programs grouped into the "Other" category in the Primary graph. This prevents the primary graph from being cluttered with programs you only rarely use.

5) Appointments by Category - Shows how your appointment time is spent. (For example 87% of your appointments are business related.)

6) Hours Working at Computer - Shows the amount of time spent per day working at your computer. Note that screen savers are ignored in this calculation.

1Report Area

Report Area
This is the area used to display the selected report. Note that all reports have a title, a graph, and an optional Legend.

2Show Legend Checkbox

Show Legend Checkbox
This checkbox is used to show the legend that is associated with the report. The legend is not shown by default to allow for the maximum amount of space for the graph.

3Report Selector

Report Selector
The report selector is used to select the type of report you want to display. For a description of the available report types, see the list at the top of this page.

4Date Settings

Date Settings
All of the reports shown in the reports section are shown for a given date range. This allows you to ask the question: "What programs did I use yesterday?" as easily as "What programs did I use last month?"

In order to change the relevant date range, you would use the Date Settings window which can be accessed by clicking on the "Set Date" button. Once a date range has been set, the date range will appear in the Date Settings box. Note that the default date setting is for "All Available Data".

5Command Buttons

Command Buttons
The Reports Window contains three command buttons:

1) View Data - opens the View Data Window. This view can be used if you are interested in the data behind the report.
2) Print - This command can be used to print the selected report.
3) Close - This command can be used to close the Reports Window.